Subtype – Sydney

In one of Sydney’s oldest heritage buildings, Subtype opened its third retail concept store. The design concept is an evolution coinciding with Subtype’s Melbourne and Auckland locations drawing on the inspiration from the city in which the store inhabits. The Sydney location pays homage to the city’s foundation of heritage and preservation while also incorporating the brands playful use of colour and optimistic outlook towards the future.

Following its previous store designs, the Mason spotlight was track mounted above the sneaker gallery creating a linear and grid format. The stainless steel finish allows the bold primary yellow to stand out tonally throughout the store. A custom rod version of the Mason was created to compliment the circular feature pendant.

Custom tubular battens were selected for its round form referencing the curved arches of the original architecture while tying this store back to the both the Melbourne and Auckland sites. The dimmable control gear makes it easy to adjust the light intensity, particularly for those located above the front service desk.

Full length LED lighting was integrated within the mirrors for the fitting rooms. Front lighting ensure the customers to be illuminated evenly from the front and to reduce unflattering shadows.

This expressionist design approach accentuates and preserves the original character of the heritage building whilst also presenting a new concept for the Subtype stores.