Subtype Flagship Store

Located in the basement of the iconic Hero building, Subtype opened its first flagship store in Melbourne, Australia.

Involved from the onset, LPA was able to work with NOISENOISENOISE in creating a lighting concept that was tailored to, not only the unique underground environment of the store but also the original vision and intent of the brand. The space played with the concept between the new and the old and the juxtaposition of a rough raw look contrasting with a refined sleek design.

Integrated lighting within joinery was the starting point for this store as the reflective surfaces dominantly featured through the design capture and reflect the light. Lower wattages were used so as to not overwhelm customers whilst still providing an inviting crisp environment that perfectly illuminates the product on offer.

Custom brushed aluminium finish to the Mason spotlight was created to ensure the suspended fittings to the apparel room added to the design intent without becoming the focus.

Overall, LPA provided an innovative and engaging lighting solution to push the boundaries of the streetwear brand whilst still maintaining the focus of retail design.