Launching in 2014, Space&Co is the latest coworking space providing a variety of flexible and collaborative workspaces. With the rapid shift in the way traditional offices are running, the demand for open and collaborative spaces were required. Office lighting is especially important for providing productive, happier and healthier workers to achieve substantial results.  

Following Space&Co’s distinct modern-industrial design, we kept the product selection simple and cohesive throughout the entire space. The products used a mixed of 3000K and 4000K colour temperatures to meet NCC building regulations.  

As this office includes a variety of meeting rooms and open work areas, we had to consider suitable products that complemented the aesthetic and worked well with the surrounding interior textures.  

To fit in the with an industrial look, the Mila in pendant format was used to compliment the exposed high ceilings. They were distributed evenly throughout the corridor space to illuminate and navigate the walkway around the entire floor plan.  

Keeping within the same family, surface mounted version of the Mila was used alongside the structure of the office and above the tables next to the windows.  

In the meetings rooms, we kept the lighting design consistent with each other. Above the tables, we had a suspended or surface mounted linear for task lighting. For rooms that required more illumination, the Visi downlight was used to accompany the feature linear luminaires. We also provided linear wall washers in meeting space to improve visual performance.