Rob Mills Residence

Known for his holistic approach in allowing the qualities of the land to guide the architectural process, Rob Mills projects inspire those in the design and building industries. 

When Rob Mills decided to convert a former factory in Armadale, Melbourne into a luxury family home it became a labour of love with several design revisions before Rob felt he could move forward with the split level 500-square-metre home that would become his own. 

His approach was to incorporates nature seamlessly through views and the use of light using environmentally sound elements; the use of low-VOC paints, indirect lighting, cross-ventilation and low-e glass. Custom made lights such as LPA’s Flash Flood Lights, Biffi and Slim Oyster highlight the residential area to establish a modern and minimalistic look. The collaboration of architecture and interior design has been carefully considered to showcase how nature, materials, colour, texture and light can create a perfect example of luxury and sophistication.

Rob has achieved a functional and awe-inspiring space that cements his reputation as one of Australia’s finest Architects.