RMIT University – Simulated Health

RMIT University has completed a two level Simulated Health ward to train future healthcare professionals in a state-of-the-art hospital situation. The space includes simulated hospital beds, nursing labs, clinical prep and simulated community and mental health areas.

LPA worked closely with Waterman Group to provide a lighting solution that met the requirements of an educational facility whilst considering healthcare requirements. To modernise the outdated facilities, majority of the fittings provided were selected in cool white (4000K) with a colour rendering of CRI>90 to achieve optimal visual conditions for the students and healthcare professionals in a learning environment.

The Lux Pro downlights and the Indus II panels were chosen for its UGR>19 rating preventing glare on medical equipment and screens. Tunable version of the Indus II and the Hemer downlights were used to adjust the light intensity mimicking daylight conditions. This promotes productivity and well-being for students and healthcare workers who are often in artificial lighting for majority of their day.

A range of Matric linear profiles were recessed throughout the circulation areas of the ward providing directional lighting. It was fitted with a microprismatic diffuser to control glare throughout the space.

The results deliver a well-balanced lighting solution appropriate to healthcare and educational standards.