LPA Global Office

Melbourne, Australia

Inspired by the design movement of the 1950’s and drawing on the sleek, clean, sophisticated elements of mid-century modern design, LPA’s Global Headquarters serves as a HUB for both local and international associates.

Our Lighting Design Manager, Steve Bavell, discusses the lighting design below:

A sense of scale and sleek elegance was the driving force behind the lighting design as well as a showcase for some of the more striking fittings within our range.

The use of the Cubic suspended luminaire above the office desks was employed to pick up the lineal aspect of the joinery details, providing the main task lighting to the desks below while also offering indirect upward lighting to reflect off the ceiling softly filling in the rest of the office.

Strong linear elements over the central workspace were used to draw the eye through the length of the office out to the gorgeous views back into Melbourne city.

Large circular elements brought in through the use of the Beam Me Up pendants soften the strong geometric design of the office and emphasize the sense of scale within the space. This design element is repeated in the boardroom through the incorporation of smaller Beam Me Up fittings over the table.

The fitting for the reception space needed to provide impact and ‘WOW’ factor for visiting clients. The offset geometric fitting was a collaboration with our supplier, Lightnet, and is made up of suspended Matric and Basic luminaires.

VISI downlights were used in the main office space to provide circulation lighting through the open office and vertical illumination to the offices’ rear walls to ensure each space did not appear dark.  Both surface and recessed Matric fittings were used in the Breakout Space and Amenities corridor, respectively.

The ROUND track spotlights were added to the design, tucked up amongst the ceiling, to wash down the core wall to the amenities area, as well as the boardroom, in order to pick up the textural detail of the tile profile, emphasising the three-dimensional texture to the interior.

In order to provide an integrated lighting control system, the Philips Dynalite Envision Gateway system was chosen. This system has allowed LPA to program predetermined lighting scenarios, while at the same time allow individual offices to be over-ridden without affecting the entire office. This allows individual users to set the levels to their office to suit their needs.

Preset start and finish times, as well as motion sensors to the bathrooms ensure that electricity is not wasted by fittings accidentally being left on once areas are not being used.

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