Fashion retailer, Glassons has recently launched its new design concept at the Melbourne Central flagship store. LPA collaborated with Glassons and their wider team to develop a lighting solution that would provide an inviting atmosphere for their customers as well as differentiate their store from others.

LPA was involved in the entire process from design to aiming and commissioning. Our team carefully selected and supplied the required light fixtures to remain in line with the Glassons brand. A key feature of the store’s design was the use of the innovative Azure sky window lights.

With this store being inside a shopping centre, it suffers from a complete absence of daylight. We used our sky window product with a blue-sky effect to mimic daylight streaming into the store. Thus, providing a complete point of difference for the store to stand out amongst others in close proximity. This, along with the sky windows being designed and installed into an angled bulkhead, successfully increases the luring in of customers. To provide complete control and customisation, the lighting system was integrated with a wall-mounted control panel allowing the client to adjust the setting according to their preferences.

Additionally, the Carl track lights were positioned to highlight the key product displays and focal points within the store. These were used in warm white to create a comfortable shopping experience.

This flagship store showcases the successful collaboration between LPA and the Glassons team. By using the sky windows and products from our core range, we were able to create a unique shopping experience with a point of difference in the store to attract customers. We are proud to continue working with Glassons on their future store rollouts.


Alongside the Melbourne Central flagship store, Glassons aimed to elevate the lighting experience at its Chapel Street venue. Our dedicated team were responsible for delivering a lighting solution that would highlight the store’s features and create an inviting ambience for its valued customers.

The Chapel Street store presented specific challenges due to its size and location. It required a lighting solution that would maximise the available space while delivering a memorable shopping experience for customers.

A standout element in the design was the feature ceiling, nestled towards the rear of the store. We used LED strip lighting in between the metal baffles to draw attention to the architectural feature and add an element of intrigue to the space. Additionally, we incorporated LED strips in the shelf displays utilising them as accent lighting to showcase their merchandise.

Staying true to the Glassons brand, we opted for a combination of the versatile Carl and Bricks track lights as general lighting throughout the store. These flexible lighting solutions allow us to precisely aim and highlight the product displays within the store.

The result showcases the versatility of our lighting design team and our ability to leave a lasting impression on our customers even in smaller and less prominent retail spaces. Every store presents its own unique requirements and LPA was able to provide a customised lighting solution to meet each venue’s needs.