Drury Lane

We worked closely with architects Mowat & Company and Cumberland Group as main contractor to deliver a lighting solution for the newly revitalised office space at Drury Lane situated in Central, London. Formally the location of Agatha Christie’s publication company, this ground floor property required a complete redesign.

The brief was to convert the space into a fresh and minimalistic space that promoted a new identity. With a tight turnaround time we provided a lighting design complying to standards, product scheduling, manufacturing, service and delivery of products.

In order to create a minimalist and contemporary space, we kept the product selection simple with luminaires that provided a sleek, crisp and clean look all in cool white colour temperature for even illuminance for the office spaces.

The challenge was to find an elegant solution which blended seamlessly into the ceiling structure. By using the LPA A1 Linear in recessed format directly in the centre of the suspended feature ceiling rafts this provided a unique and visually appealing solution. A micro prismatic diffuser was used to establish a higher efficiency and a softer illumination.

In between the slatted ceilings, the Levi was customised with two lamps together to create a double luminaire. The Levi’s deep recessed design was surface mounted seamlessly between the thin ceiling panels at an even distribution.

Overall, the results delivers a minimalistic open space that bring a fresh new personality to the iconic space.