Cotton On Mega – The Glen

The Mega has become Cotton On’s flagship stores with a design intent of visually creating structural interest across a vast space. This is implemented with the use of timber and metal structural beams and theatre style lights with barn doors, supported by pendants throughout giving a feel of vintage Australia.

And the use of brick & timber to comfortably ease you into the store as a gradual progression to light and bright that’s the design intent of cotton on body and cotton on kids.  Lighting such a large space requires understanding of customer flow and how to attract more customers to circulate through the space.

Collaborating with the design direction and brand intent we put forward the CARL tracklight in different wattages, colour temperatures and beam angles.  The CARL is one of our most efficient fittings offering a streamline and sleek appearance. The Carl illuminates the side and rear walls with a wide beam and high output to highlight hero products and displays. Throughout the central part of the store a few lines of track and spots create depth and interest to product.

Light levels play an important part for different areas within the store, the counter uses ambient lighting to create a feeling of comfort, the entry and window displays are light and bright to compete with the elements or exterior circulation zones. The fitting rooms have gone through a revamp creating a comfortable yet flattering front lighting upon entry and the mannequins and display tables are highlighted to draw out the best true colour.  These light levels assist in visually separating the spaces for customer flow and meeting the overall brightness of the store whilst reducing energy consumption on a whole.

We were so proud to be part of another successful Cotton On store rollout.  We wish the team at The Glen great success.