Chisholm – Berwick Trade Careers Centre (BTCC)

Chisholm Institute is at the forefront of skills and training in education that leads to long term career outcomes and success. LPA was employed to provide a lighting solution for the Berwick Trade Careers Centre (BTCC). The state-of-the-art centre offers a unique delivery model where traditional trades including carpentry, builders, plumbers and electricians work collaboratively together in one dedicated space.

The trades room required fittings that were suitable for an industrial application reflective of real workplace sites. The luminaires needed to be functional whilst also low maintenance as access to them would be limited. For the high ceiling of the main trades room, we selected the Tampo Highbay fitted with a 70 degree PC reflector. The Delne weatherproof battens were used as directional and security lighting in the exterior spaces and the corridors of the main trades room.

The facility also includes a cutting edge hair and beauty salon, training spaces and flexible teaching spaces. In the hairdressing and beauty salon, we used luminaires that were in 3000K colour temperature to provide a soft and relaxing environment for clients. As students and staff members would also be using the space, we chose fittings with anti-glare options to prevent any issues with glare while performing a task.

LPA is proud to be involved with creating better education facilities and classrooms to ensure all students have the best chance to succeed.