Balmain Residence

Working with KW Interiors who captured the elegant details of this three-storey home, LPA provided light fittings that would marry with the design ambition of this gorgeous home.

The modern styling yet neutral scheme provided a canvas to introduce a range of different fittings aesthetically suited to the home that would work with the restrictions of the renovation. An exposed concrete slab as well as minimal recess depths across the ceilings created limitations for fitting choice and dimming options. LPA provided a range of solutions including a lux calculation to ensure the selected fittings would achieve the correct light output for the area. The Visi GC09 was used throughout the living areas providing uniform brightness from their minimal form. The Twin Magic Box has been used with phase dimming for the rumpus room. With Tondo spoon being used for direction light in the hallways and staircase.

The Mila surface mounted creates points of interest throughout the lower ground floor with the hero luminaires being the Matric M5 and the suspended circular pendant. These not only provide adequate illumination but create design uniformity across the three levels of this contemporary home.