LPA had the privilege in collaborating and working with the Autobarn brand to further develop the lighting within their ever-growing store network.  Bayswater was the first of the new concept and design incorporating a new lighting layout and facelift with a modern, fresh and streamlined approach. Previously the stores lighting achieved a simple warehouse/barn style. The overall simplicity of the lighting has been kept however added elements create a more interesting and a modern feel, and with the use of fittings such as our energy-efficient LED Altitude highbay in black, energy efficiency has been considered for the brand moving forward.

As you enter the store product displays are guided along with a linear Pendant light the length of the isles. Using a cross with the linear leads you to the four ends of the store, showcasing the large store format.  This use of Lightnet’s Matric G3 suspended extrusion also creates a visual line for customer flow. To highlight non-illuminated signs throughout the store, suspended tracks have been used with wall washing “Brick” spots for a seamless floor to ceiling illumination.