276 Flinders Street

LPA collaborated with Irwin Consult, Baldasso Cortese Architects and Interiors and Multiplex Construction to supply luminaires for the newly refurbished commercial property. Originally constructed as a bank in the late 60’s, this 16-storey building has been transformed into a commercial and retail prescient offering retail stores, cafés, a fitness gym, a childcare centre and upgraded office tenancies.

The aim of the project was to produce a high quality, yet cost effective lighting solution which was not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. It was important to consider the surface finishes of the design and select the luminaires that created a well-lit workplace but also avoided glare impact and eye strain.

Custom LED strip and aluminium profiles were used as wall lights throughout the side of the bridge-link to highlight the walkway from the existing tower lobby to the revitalised 5 level office space. For exterior lighting, the effect of up/downlighting was created in unison by the Fame and Virgilio Floodlights to form dramatic and subtle lighting on the exterior window sills of the building. This effect enhances the architectural features of the structure and establishes depth.

The redevelopment of this property provides a contemporary and revitalised look to this multiple purpose space.

Case Study