Emergency Lighting

Stylish Appearance in Emergency Function

Emergency lighting is essential to ensure safe egress by building occupants when the normal lighting fails, including in the event of an emergency situation such as a fire. Lightnet offers a range of sleek luminaires with a concealed emergency module providing 3-hour battery operated lighting to ensure occupants safely exit the building.

Essential for Commercial, Industrial, Government and Institutional Buildings, the Lightnet product allows you to achieve appearance and functionality in one, reducing your overall project budget.

With a range of pendant and surface mounted LED light lines (frameless) offering direct only light distribution, the Lightnet product can be custom made in any length (minimum 1200mm) and a wide range of additional configurations and designs possible. Offering safety and continuous operation whilst working in harmony with building interiors.

Emergency Led Luminaires with Chip on Board Technology

  • Inner LED-Boards are equipped with additional emergency LEDs
  • Separate control of emergency LEDs by integrated additional converter
  • Luminaire luminous flux in emergency mode: 250Lm/power consumption: 7W
  • Optionally available with switch unit for central battery systems or with individual battery
  • Not all product series and sizes can be equipped with LEDs in chip on board technology. Please request our separate list of emergency products.

Emergency Classification in Accordance with AS 2293.3 2005

Classification yielding the maximum spacing between luminaires in accordance to AS 2295.5 2005 when mounted at a height of 2.7 metres. Spacing distance is bracketed. C0/180: C63 C90/270: D20

Emergency Module with Individual Battery 3H without Autotest (Autotest Available Upon Request)

  • Regular power supply: 230VAC/50Hz
  • Batteries used: high temperature, non-maintained NiCd HT battery
  • Battery package voltage: 3.6V; 4.8V; 6V and the capacity 1,0 – 4,0 Ah (depends on the model)
  • Rated current of battery discharge 0,1C
  • Maximum current of battery discharge: <0,95C (emergency operation)
  • Maximum charging time: 24h
  • Emergency operation time: up to 3h
  • Operation frequency: 25-30kHz

The built-in automatic switching system enables continuous operation of the fluorescent lamps with regular power supply as well as in the emergency mode.