Illuminating pool facilities and water features can be a challenging endeavour. Whether you are designing a swimming pool for your backyard or a water feature at a hotel entrance, lighting can enhance and elevate your space to another level.

When selecting light fittings for these spaces, it’s important to consider the longevity of the lights, energy efficiency, glare control and the proper lighting levels. There are many benefits to lighting your pool or water features, we have listed a few benefits below:


Lighting for a pool, spa or water feature can add ambience to your space at night. It can create a luxury paradise or resort look that extends beyond the pool or water feature. Architectural elements such as waterfalls, spas or walls of the pool can be more defined. A well designed space can also extend its usage into the night and encourage residents or visitors to use it in a safe and enjoyable place. By utilising the various options of lighting, you can design a space to suit any occasion or event.

Safety & Security

At night, it’s essential to increase visibility for everyone using the space. The surrounding areas such as the deck and pathways tend to see more foot traffic than the pool itself. Step lights can be used directly in the decking or hardscape setting to create a minimal and seamless look. Spotlights are also a good choice to frame out the space around a pool or spa area. There are several fittings and lighting techniques that can be employed to bring another level of safety and security for these spaces.


Creating a low glare environment is vital for pool facilities. Light reflected off a water surface can cause glare and discomfort for those using the area. This can be a major safety concern when it comes to visibility in particular for swimming pools that require lifeguards. To provide better visual comfort and ensure good uniformity, carefully consider the placement of the light fixtures, the beam optics and the colour temperature.

Energy Efficiency

With a larger emphasis on energy efficiency, LED lighting has become the standard choice for pools, spas, water features and more. They are a simple and practical solution offering a longer lifespan with less maintenance. LED lights are available in multiple colours with a range of dimming and control options allowing you to customise it to your design.

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