Connecting Light with LIGEO™

LPA are thrilled to introduce the new LIGEO™ connecting lighting system.  Using a unique combination of design and technology this system enables users to create custom designs by simply connecting light bars together using distinctive “hubs”. The flexibility of LIGEO™ makes it possible to construct imaginative two dimensional and inspiring three dimensional light designs.

The creativity and design freedom of an individual, a designer, or an architect is unlimited because an installation can be modified or expanded at any time. LIGEO™ can be used in homes, offices, lobbies or foyers, for convention booths, nightclubs, or in local shops.

LIGEO™ combines installation simplicity, design freedom, high-quality materials, and environmentally friendly, low voltage, LEDs with creativity.

LIGEO Fashion Week 2016. Photo by Scott Render.

The patented technology in the hubs makes the installation of LIGEO™ extremely simple, quick, and very safe. Light structures can be set up quickly, changed frequently, and expanded to match your creative desires.

Each hub can manage direct connections with up to eight light bars. By folding down a locking ring, both the design and the electrical connection between hubs and light bars are secured. The attachable lid closes and locks the hub. The power is supplied through the connections between the hubs and the light bars. Using 48V constant voltage drivers, LIGEO™ is in safe low-voltage range. The low-voltage means there is no need for professional electricians if you want to change your custom LIGEO™ lighting design, even during operation.

Each light bar has hinges at each end, which gives each light bar a 180-degree range of motion. These hinges also allow designers to create three-dimensional structures and also allow for transitions from ceiling to walls and across corners. The hubs are not only used for linking the light bars and current routing but also serve as the anchor points for the assembly. Only one screw is required to secure a hub on a wall or ceiling.

The light bars themselves are available in different lengths and colours.

We are really excited about the creative opportunities this product can bring to our clients’ projects.  For further information on this product please do not hesitate to contact us on +61 3 8416 1500.