Creating a refined elegance in boutique fashion

Project Overview

Over the past two decades, the ECO D. brand of luxury women’s apparel has experienced an impressive rise in popularity. As a reflection of its successful growth and natural evolution, the brand recently launched its fourteenth boutique store in Brighton, Melbourne.

Known for its luxurious, curated collection of international and Australian designer labels appealing to the contemporary Australian woman, ECO D. viewed its in-store lighting as an essential means of communicating the brand.

In creative collaboration with acclaimed Interior Designer, Tamsin Johnson, LPA has enabled ECO D. to successfully light the way in creating an unparalleled in-store shopping experience for its devoted customers.

The goal for ECO D. is to create an art gallery for clothing, allowing the beauty of each piece to tell their own story.

To convey a luxurious and minimalist appearance, each lighting choice should articulate the space by becoming an integral element in the aesthetics of the store and its merchandise.

The brief from the client was to utilise a black track to create a feature of the shape it creates within the store.

We also wanted to pay close attention to the role of ECO D.’s shopfront. This is where a first impression is made. It’s what draws the shopper into the store and should stand out from the crowd within the competitive Brighton shopping precinct.

The Design Process

Considering the layout and orientation of the store, natural light floods the interior which not only allows the space to expand and breathe, but also provides a challenge to ensure lighting is consistent throughout the store.

The concept behind the store is one of sleek elegance and a sense of drama. To evoke such ambience, a layered approach to lighting has been implemented.

As the existing ceiling was removed to expose the timber rafters above, a suspended track system has been utilised to allow for a versatile lighting system and to create a directional line within the store to draw potential customers in.

The Carl fitting was chosen for the main retail floor for its minimalistic elegance while providing a focused beam of light to illuminate the product. Accent lighting within the bespoke joinery units provides an extra dimension to the store’s design and additional highlighting to the product.

A soft approach to the change rooms has been provided by the Logan spot light. This allows for the clientele to experience the product in the best possible light by minimising harsh overhead shadowing and complementing the natural curves of the body.

The addition of the Moonlight wall light was chosen specifically for ECO D.’s Brighton store to signify a “coming full circle” for founder and owner, Felicity Holding. Felicity grew up in Brighton and, with strong connections to the area, knows what the Bayside women want when it comes to top-end fashion.

Lighting plays an important role in defining ECO D.’s aesthetics and how customers feel when they walk through the store’s door. It adds both beauty and character and feels every bit as stylish as the brand itself.

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Project Specifications:

Client: ECO D.
Location: 23 Church Street, Brighton, Melbourne
Lighting Design: LPA Design Team
Creative Input: Tasmin Johnson
Photography: Jayden Ostwald