Automotive Dealership Lighting

Lighting in car dealerships can be a challenging task. It can greatly impact sales, a customer’s experience at the dealership, safety and customer satisfaction. One of the biggest changes in the last few years has been the emergence of online shopping. In recent years, consumers research and shop for options online before deciding on what car to purchase. It’s imperative for the presentation and lighting of the car to live up to the customer’s expectations of what they saw on the website. This is why vehicles need to be showcased in the best possible light. Here are a few factors to consider when designing for your automotive dealership:

Branding Visibility for Automotive Showrooms

Today’s car buyers are familiar and knowledgeable about the various car brands available on the market. Lighting can contribute to a brand’s overall impression and strengthen its relationship with the consumer. It can establish brand consistency throughout each of its store rollouts. Everything from the car showroom design to the lighting should reflect the brand image and be instantly recognisable to consumers when they enter the dealership.

Automotive Showroom Presentation

The lighting you select can add value to a vehicle when modelled perfectly within the showroom. The vehicles need to look their best to attract customers and entice them to make a purchase. High illuminance levels are required to make the car models be viewed under perfect conditions. A diffused light is recommended as it can create a reflective, mirror finish on the vehicle and shows sleek lines.

Another factor to consider is the colour rendering of your light fixtures. We recommend using a high CRI to enhance the authentic appearance of the car. Customers can inspect the paint finishes and materials up close before making a decision. This can also establish trust between the customers and the brand.

High ceilings can be a challenge in large showrooms. Consider the amount of light required to illuminate the space adequately and whether to use low glare fitting. Using a combination of general lighting as well as spotlights can create contrast in the large sale floor space.

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Accent Lighting in Automative Showrooms

Adjustable spotlights are a popular versatile option to highlight featured cars. As display cars are often rearranged in showrooms, the flexibility of spotlights allows you to add and remove fittings as you see fit. When placed strategically, they can cast gentle shadows and eliminate glare for a more dramatic showroom look.

Ambience in Automative Showrooms

A good ambience in any space can improve a customer’s morale and sense of well-being. Creating a comfortable and inviting lounge or waiting area space will encourage customers to be more communicative and enjoy their time while at the showroom. Consider using direct-indirect lighting pendants or linear extrusions above reception areas to create a cosy intimate atmosphere with your customers.

Automotive Dealerships in Shopping Centres

Dealerships are changing as more and more businesses move their operations into the familiarity of shopping centres. The informal setting puts the focus on customer experience and encourages them to engage with the products conveniently. Brands can build their brand presence and provide customers with an interactive experience. The advancements in technology have allowed automotive brands to showcase their cars innovatively.

Workshop Garage

Lighting in the workshop area of a car dealership should focus on functionality and safety. As it’s a space for mechanics to work, it needs to be illuminated properly to carry out repair and maintenance duties in a safe manner. Due to the type of work performed in this area, we recommend luminaires with an IP65 rating or higher since they are dust and water-resistant.

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