An Australian Success Story

LPA has been providing lighting solutions since 1990.  Our first office was located in Armadale Victoria where we captured an opportunity in the market for the efficient provision of high-quality lighting solutions. Today, 30 years later, LPA continues with this brand value and has grown to become a global business with offices across the world.

We have provided solutions for large commercial office spaces, hospitals and healthcare facilities, schools and universities, hotels, art galleries and museums, restaurants, sporting facilities, and some of the most recognized global retail brands.  With a deep understanding of our client needs, project requirements and schedules – we have been, and remain committed to, efficiently providing the best lighting solutions to our clients.

Adaptive Solutions

Our service model allows our clients to choose from individual or combined services to create a customer-orientated solutions package. We drive innovative, functional, adaptable and efficient solutions to assist our clients in building energy optimisation.

Our product focus is to be at the forefront of innovation.  We work with suppliers and manufacturers from across the globe to find efficiencies in product, both in hardware quality and to optimise performance.  Our range is backed by our extensive experience in delivering solutions specifically tailored for the relevant industry sectors.


Wall Washing Track


Linear Extrusion


Indus II
Low Glare Panel


Cyanosis Fitting

A focus on the environment

Our service offering is to create solutions that provide the best light for areas, people and also the environment.

Our experience over the last 30 years has driven the extension of our service model, we have adapted to the changing needs of our clients and now offer a broader scope of solutions including:

  • Solar PV,
  • IoT building management systems, and
  • complete energy management systems.

LPA is committed to driving reductions in energy consumption through lighting and other resources now and for the future.

We build partnerships

We are so proud of what we have achieved over the past 30 years.

We look forward to another 30 years in building partnerships with our clients.


Surface Mounted & Pendant


Adjustable Downlight & Track

Arts & Culture

June II
High Colour Rendering


Low-Profile Streetlight