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Landa lights are outdoor lighting experts offering superior quality lighting fixtures for garden and exterior spaces.
We are proud to be distribution partners with Landa.

Landa Product Range


Landa’s new collection of environmentally conscious luminaires and lights is made from Accoya® wood, a certified sustainable material. Made by Accsys, this special, fast-growing pine species is sustainably managed in New Zealand and then processed in the Netherlands to achieve levels of durability, stability and versatility unknown to any other wood. This range combines the warmth of wood with light-transmitting properties to create a sophisticated lighting solution.

• FSC® accredited
• Cradle to Cradle Gold™ certified
• 100% recyclable
• Sustainably sourced
• 25-year warranty

Acetylation Process

Accoya® timber is produced by Accsys in its factory in Arnhem in the Netherlands. Accsys transforms certified sustainable, fast growing timber into Accoya® through its proprietary acetylation process.

Acetylation applies a modification at the molecular level which changes the structure of the timber itself, improving many of its performance characteristics, above all natural durability and dimensional stability. Modification of the timber (chemical, thermal or impregnation) such as acetylation, improves timber’s physical, mechanical or aesthetic properties. This process produces a material that can be disposed of at the end of the life cycle of a product without presenting greater environmental risks than those associated with the disposal of natural timber.

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