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Connected Light

The flexibility of LIGEO™ makes it possible to construct imaginative two dimensional and inspiring three dimensional light designs.

LIGEO™ uses energy-efficient LED light with a high colour rendering index. With more than 1,630 lumens per yard, LIGEO™ is as bright as a 120W light bulb. The LED assembly is available from daylight to warm white, meeting the needs of any lighting situation.

The use of LED technology makes LIGEO™ very energy-efficient. The class A+ energy efficiency rating protects the environment and your wallet for many years.


  • The LEDs have an expected life of 50,000 hours.
  • Weighing approximately 400 grams per meter, (approximately .9 pounds per yard), LIGEO™ is very lightweight due to the environmentally conscious use of aluminium.
  • Combining the low-voltage system, the simple plug-in connections and the supply of current from only one point makes the need for copper wiring unnecessary.
  • Available Lengths- Light Bars with a light field of:
    • 30cm
    • 60cm
    • 90cm
    • 120cm
    • 150cm
  • Colour of hub, connectors and aluminium profile:
    • black / black
    • silver / silver
    • white/ silver
    • gold / gold
  • Light colours/temperature:
    • 3000K (warm white)
    • 4000K (neutral white)
    • 5,300K (daylight white)
  • Performance Data:
    • Light output 1.630lm / m
    • Power 48V ELV
    • Dimmable

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