The Jace series is built with integrated heat sink and is as part of its exterior design while possessing a streamline and compact look with the availability of extra accessorising.


  • Light output, up to 3,900Lm
  • Ideal for all commercial and industrial applications
  • Colour rendering exceeds CRI:90
  • Beam Angle: 16ᵒ, 22ᵒ, 39ᵒ
  • CCT options 3000K/4000K/5000K
  • Available colours black, white and silver
  • Dimming options on request
  • Flex and plug or direct connection
  • Five Year Warranty


Dimensions: Ø88 x 145×98 x 45 x 117mm

Name Source IP Rating Lumen System Power Beam Angle CRI CCT Voltage Downloads
ST-AY34-AFCB LED IP20 2000LM 20W 16ᵒ | 22ᵒ | 39ᵒ >90 2700K-6000K 110V-277V AC Datasheet
ST-AY34-AHCC LED IP20 3300LM 30W 16ᵒ | 22ᵒ | 39ᵒ >90 2700K-6000K 110V-277V AC
ST-AY34-AHCE LED IP20 3900LM 38W 16ᵒ | 22ᵒ | 39ᵒ >90 2700K-6000K 110V-277V AC

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